Things are quiet...too quiet, like the saying the quiet before the storm. I found it enjoyable (in a movie I
almost had the good sense to walk out on) when things are done to death, and are old & tired. The movie
was ghost rider. It was supposed to be a poignant life deciding moment for the protagonist, he rode his bike
up to the end of the road… I turned to my brother & uttered the words I had said several times for different
movies on many different occasions "Oh look he's at a crossroad in his life" literally. But what followed was
the most used line since God knows. I turned back to my brother & said "Oh & look there's a storm coming".
Its cool to hear those phrases done but their done to death like the overused wrestling credo you can run but
you can't hide. I'm sure that uttered out of someone's mouth for the first time was the most bad ass thing
ever. Maybe it was Robbie Burns who first said it or the inventor of Hide & seek. Now it's laughable. I love
movies & I love tv, good mostly campy sometimes, I watched Jet Li's Fearless which stayed with me a couple
days after, not particularly good movie in my opinion but it did stay with me none-the-less. Something I
couldn't figure out was the title, it didn't fit the movie. It wasn't the character at all. Watch it you tell me.
Hero is a much better watch…not heroes that's a tease…sorry fans but it just rambles on for episode after
episode with lil flashes of amusement.
I find if something is a chore to watch I give it up, its my acid test for new shows, am I going to be
entertained or frustrated that it runs in circles ( LOST the exception they can run around in circles for all I
care). I like Shameless on Sundance…really fun & dirty show, not sexual dirty but shows life in a rundown
fashion. Real fun. I like SciFi if anyone bothers to look at my page, I'm a big kid but understanding the
concepts are more entertaining. I can't figure out why they have force fields around ships in Star trek but
they still gotta wear space suits? Don't explain, it's my dilemma.
I watched the first five minutes of Stargate the show & almost bust a gut laughing. The cast was playing hot
potato with sci fi mumbo jumbo terms that no ordinary person would ever comprehend. It was intermingled
with reaction shots that were hilarious. First five minutes of the show & they're telling me how to stop a
Greek god from reconverting molecular gene sequences…yada yada yada First five minutes , & these actors
were standing round looking like they knew what the fuck they were talking about. Everyone got a chance to
one up the others ideas & everyone got a chance to react…too much.
I find a great form of entertainment is checking the synopsis on movies that are on…The best ones usually
throw in an adjective or two too many to make it a totally preposterous concept for a movie. Example: This is
.The Master of the flying Guillotine:
 A blind priest hunts down a one armed boxer who's means of killing people is with razors for hands.
My brother watched & said it was actually pretty good

Master of the flying Guillotine