I believe:
.. -          I am bored outta my f'n mind.. -
.. -         The more you give doesn't always mean the more you get…but the more you
get usually means the less you care... -
.. -         Lottery tickets ARE NOT A CHARITABLE CONTRIBUTIONS !!!  Accounting joke..
.. -        Girls go to Karaoke to have fun & sing guys go to pick-up the drunk girls..
.. -       To start new you must destroy your past…sorry just one of the messages that
bad movies drill into me every week ( See blog about the master of the flying
.. -   Every year more Comic book movies…every year more comic book movies… every
year more comic book movies…sound dull …get the point..
.. -       The old wives tale that if you say mayonnaise while you sneeze it will halt the
sneeze.  Truth is any three syllable word works. It doesn't always work though.
.. -     My tastes have changed, what I liked 5 to 10 years ago barely interests me now.
Except : Ladies, drawing, long drives, my dog, most of the food I cook & eat,
friends…oh hell never mind nothing's changed.. -
.. -      Im beat really tired.. -
.. -        I like walking my dog but this weather is just killing that schedule..I can wear a
jacket but my Dougal cannot...
.. -   My 20 year looms over my head like a swinging axe ..
.. -       Sometimes we don't dig the hole for ourselves, sometimes we are pushed in…its
just up to us to climb out of it...
        I really like slippers..
.. -        I need to get to bed earlier…Im a fuckin Vampire people..
.. -       The $600 economic stimulus is a loan against next years tax refund. 0%
interest, & yes everyone has to get it, you cant pass... -
.. -       All history is questionable prior to your own experience…think about
it…everyone has opinions, motives, beliefs…who's to say..
.. -         The seasons at least here in Charlotte are changing Winter now verges half
into spring Spring into summer, summer into fall you get the idea.  Forewarning
people..sign of the apocalypse..
Sweet dreams people !!!  
I believe