At long last at approximately 1:00 pm est the
world finally heard the Cookie Monster. He
covered the issues that have been effecting us over
the course of the last few weeks. To say his
simplistic plain talk was refreshing was an
understatement, but you judge for yourself...
Transcript: " Good afternoon Lady & Gentleman. I Cookie Monster, have much on Cookie Monster mind. First any idea
Cookie Monster have for better tomorrow, just for steps in right direction, not entire solution, just steps. Economy bad,
Cookie monster know, all the street know...don't need to beat us over head with bad news. This make people panic,
cause Ernie cry...Burt yell at Ernie, They withdraw all 401k funds...this make economy worse. Stop scaring us
economists...We know. Next everyone leave market alone for two days.. Government, Big Bird, Economist, News...No
bury head in sand, just ignore for day or two...things get better...try and see.
Cookie monster not allowed to vote...this make Cookie monster happy..too much
things to think about. ME thinks good idea to tell people about your
accomplishments...not about others weakness. Cookie monster think you be judged on
what you did not what you say you will do. Learning is fun, if you don't see where you
have done wrong, and what you've done right...then how you know if you ever do right.
Everybody falls just no fall on COOKIE !!!!
In closing Cookie monster hope everything work out, To help stimulate economy, go
buy great big cookie best cookie in the whole wide world, send it to Cookie Monster I
be grateful ! If you have enough money buy Cookie for you too..if you no like cookie..I
come & eat.

I Cookie Monster & I approve this message...COOKIES !!!
The preceding press release was brought to you by the letter Q